Mould Manufacturing

The design and manufacturing of the moulds is done in our own production facility. The majority of the moulds that we produce are made out of aluminium for injection moulding purposes, but we also produce moulds from other materials and for other purposes. These include but are not limited to, vacuum- and underpressure-forming, silicone casting, PUR-casting mould and compression moulding.

Our mould manufacturing department will choose the design and the materials of the mould based on the customer’s wishes and create a tailor-made solution to best suit the customer’s requirements. This enables us to produce cost-effective and high quality solutions even when it comes to small series sizes.

Here are some specifications about the hybrid aluminium mould developed by our mould manufacturing department:

  • Small and sharp details.
  • Guarantee f.ex. 50 000 cycles.
  • Small scale cost-effective manufacturing of plastic parts usually made with different PUR techniques.
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