Glass fibre and Composite models

Large-scale moulds and models are made with robot milling, which has been a part of our production line since 2010. The robot cell has 8 axles and the robot is mounted on a 12-meter long track with a reach of 3 meters, this adds up to a working area of almost 15 x 3 meters with a working accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm.

Years of experience of working with 3D-designing guarantees the customer the result that they were expecting. After the process is completed, we’ll then proceed to fine tune and polish the product according to the customer’s wishes.

Large-scale models and plugs can be manufactured with a length of up to 15 meters. The structure and treatment of the surface will be performed according to the customer’s wishes. Products with a polystyrene core are coated with epoxy paste. For example the large-scale plugs are made for composite and glass fibre framework used in vehicle- and maritime-industry.

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