Injection Moulding

Our own injection moulding department handles both the test runs as well as the actual production. We specialize in small and mid-size series, but our series sizes range from a few thousand units to hundreds of thousands of units, so we can effectively serve companies of all sizes. Our diverse machinery is suitable for the manufacturing of 1- and 2-component products. The scale of our machinery varies between 20 and 300 tons and the final product’s weight is usually between 1 and 1500 grams.

Material- and colour-testing, mould modification and fine tuning can be done according to the customer’s wishes even at a short notice.  Our speed and flexibility is based on the fact that both the injection moulding and the mould design units are located in the same facility. We also offer lasermarking, pad printing, 3D-measuring, various surface treatments in our own paint shop, ultrasonic welding and assembly.

Injection moulding can be done based on the customer’s own moulds but if necessary, our own mould manufacturing department is able to design and manufacture a mould according to the customer’s requirements.

Here are some specifications about the hybrid aluminium mould developed by our mould manufacturing department:

  • Small and sharp details.
  • Guarantee f.ex. 50 000 cycles.
  • Small scale cost-effective manufacturing of large plastic parts usually made with different PUR techniques.
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