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Mould production

Design and production of moulds

We carry out design and production of moulds independently in our own premises with solid experience. Most of the tools produced by Scaletec are injection moulds of hybrid aluminium, but they are also made of other materials and for many different purposes. Those include e.g. PUR casting moulding, vacuum and underpressure forming, compression moulding, and silicone casting.

Our mould production unit takes the customer’s needs into account in the designing of the mould and, based on them, customises the materials and other qualities of the mould in the way best suited to the customer’s purposes. That allows for a cost-efficient solution even for smaller production runs without compromising quality.

The hybrid aluminium mould developed by our mould production unit allows for:

  • Precise details
  • Mould cycle guarantee, e.g. 50,000 cycles
  • Cost-efficient manufacture of plastic parts with small annual volumes, 100–500 items, traditional PUR etc. techniques
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